Mental TRILLness: Volume One

by K2 Cocky

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K2 Cocky's first mixtape of 2017. Psycho Rap.
Total running time: 48:44

Free download but please consider a donation.

An alternate deluxe edition can be downloaded here:


released January 30, 2017

Engineered, written, performed & mixed by K2 Cocky



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


K2 Cocky New York

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Track Name: Arrhythmia
I can hear your heart beating
I can hear your heart skip a beat

All yall fucking with the kid no you don't want it
Death I be on it
Clutching guts making you vomit
Spilling out your blood
and filling you with holes
You fucks ain't my bros
Play my ass you'll be exposed
Im a hunter looking to get
My dick wet
Fuck your lifeless body
After I go slit ur neck
Better pay me some respect
Or get hit up with the tech
I got many goons on deck n
They will put one in your head

It's arrhythmia
It's arrhythmia
All the homies on the block are fucking sick of ya
They won't give a fuck if I do something sick to ya
Put a bullet --naw-- a clip and then my dick through ya
It's arrhythmia
It's arrhythmia
Everybody on the strip is fucking sick of ya
They won't give a fuck if I do something slick to ya
Pull out my cell and pay a penny for a hit on ya

I don't ever like to resort to no violence
I move in silence
I'm a loner and I'm quiet
But push me to the limit and ill go all out
I will commit suicide but leave you bleeding inside out
Im a kamikaze white boy with a mouth
But I back up all my words
And I never chicken out
Does ur ass wanna find out
As within I am without
Dont know what its like in prison
But im willing to find out

Am i the nastiest you ever heard of
I got a lust for murder
But watch Ill push this shit a little further
Ill cook and eat your dick up like a burger
Ill fuckin fry and hook that shit up
Im a nutso
Go for the gusto
And roast your nuts up like a potroast
Track Name: Ugly Duckling
Im a fat ass slob pre-diabetic
My gay ass so pathetic
Chance of making it forget it
Im like such a corny nerdy dorky lookin dude
Porky lookin too
Weak as all damn hell
I was born to lose
Tiny ass apartment
Government covering rent
Im on disability
Cuz all the voices in my head
Take about a dozen meds
Smoke k2 blunts straight to the head
Masturbate to naked men
Ryan Tyler Jeffrey Ken
Im the Stimpy to your Ren
Vote Republican
Log cabin
(Just kidding)
Pimple ridden skin
Downing too much Henn
Aint a pussy eater
My mouth after weiner
Justin bieber
Give a fuck about a beaver
Or a floppy titty either
Smokin too much reefer
Misdemeanors im like
Fuck it tho
Not trustable
Abruptly fucking
But feel this tho
Yea hear this bro
Im the shit
Suck a dick if you dont fuck wit
The flow
An ugly fucking duckling though

I'm an ugly duckling
Always up to something
I'm everything wrong with society

I'm sick of rap
Man fuck biggie and 2pac
Fuck the culture and all that they
Can't compare to where I'm at
Kanye saying he the God
I'm Richard Dawkins to that crap
Man forget Nicki Minaj
I got a thicker ass than that
Fuck the trap
Fuck the block
See I aint got too many friends
I aint make too many ends and
I may rap but dont pretend
Steady chasin after men
Getting blazed like every minute
My shit djs never spin it
But my fans love when i spit it
K2 Cockaveli
Homie G these bars Godbreathed
When you look into my eyes
Youll see an untamed beast
Yeah im taking over rap
And thats a motherfucking fact
...Carry NY on my back
Yeah motherfucker
Cockys back
Track Name: Cultural Appropriation
Teenie weenie miney moe
Catch a white boy by the toe
If he hollers let him know
He cant fucking rap no more

They say im cultural appropriatin'
Just think they pissed off cuz they see i made it
I make the typa shit everyone hatin
Cuz those who look like me discriminatin

I got that white boy flow
Yeah that white boy flow
But fucking swear i dont wanna be white no more

Wait a minute
I thought i repped the culture
Would do anything for rap
Now im labeled culture vulture
Police killings taking over
Casualties are steady growin
At the fastest rate Life erased
No sign of ever slowin

Racist whites be votin
And a shotgun they be totin
So Trayvon left bleeding smoking
And no gun hes even holding
Now the whole world on my scrotum
Questioning the very notion
Of my musical devotion
Hopin that ill quit recording

Just like that...
Swear i aint hurtin nathan
I just rap...
To you i look like satan
The impact
Of me stayin in the game
I must look so fucking lame
And now i really feel ashamed...
Im sorry i apologize
Ill never see shit through your eyes
Am i a wolf thats in disguise
Am i believing my own lies
Im terrified
And scared inside
This white skin i wish wasnt mine
And theres no place to run and hide
I feel like giving up

But my flows been getting better
And my shit no longer suck
And my tapes been going viral
And my fanbase blowing up
But the police homicidal
And the dead be pilin up
What the fuck
I dont wanna take advantage
But im stuck

In a rut
Million people swinging on my nuts
Im spitting and im singing
And im doinit for the thugs
Im doinit for the love
For the respect for the drugs
For a better fucking life
Be in my shoes you wouldnt budge

Born sinner
The opposite of a winner
Member just last year i was
Too broke for dinner
Now ima... rap singer
Not a wack
Got a middle finger
Linger around
Ill stick it up
In ya...
Give a fuck if your ass red or green or purple
The equivalent of steve urkel
Or got the muscle mass of hercules... jeez louise
Shall i put the streets at ease
And just leave?
Can there ever be
Peace between you and me?

Jesus please
Jesus piece
My diamond game is on fleek
Yet Im feelin just like Meek ass
When he lost the drizzy beef
I cant sleep
I cant eat
Thought I was simply being me
Guess if you borrow from a culture
Be prepared to take the heat

In 2017
Originality's a dream
But the last thing a black dude need
Is one more devil on a beat
Trick or treat, i am hallows eve
Nice to meet you please
This is k2 cocky on the beat
The hip hop Culture thief
Track Name: Why the Fxck (U Sleep'N on Me?)
So I've
I've got a death wish
Im gonna get my ass
Crucified like I'm Jesus
Cuz on this white boy front
Most rappers fucking useless
They ain't insane as me
Psychologically clueless

But Im the realest illest wigga that youll ever know
And when it comes to crazy wild shit im fucking pro
Most of these white faggots is bullshit
They all for show
My competition in this rap game
Lesser than zero

Now why the fuck u fuckboys tweeting bout me
It seems your twitter feed can't even breathe without me
Yall assholes ain't my friends n ain't my homies
Now why the fuck the rap world sleepin on me?

Now why the fuck would you be sleeping on me?
Tell me why the fuck would you be sleeping on me

I ain't a gimmick or a caricature anymore
I'm coming to the mainstream breaking down the fucking doors
And if you hate me cuz of my past words bitch
Join the crowd
I ain't homeless and desperate no more
I'm better now

And if you think im fucking privileged homeboy
Suck a dick
No mental stability
Check my fucking doctor's scrips
Welfare is a bitch and
Poverty i hate it bad
Hearing them PC people bitch on TV makes me mad

But fuck my angry side
I'm on some calmer shit
I'll let my death threats pile on the floor
Ain't reading shit
There ain't as insane fans like motherfucking Eminem's
But name another rapper sides Em I ain't better than

Im the only emcee in the world
To take the heat
Dont want to win respect
Yall always will have hate for me
No matter what the fuck my ass could ever say or do
Ill always be below your Nike, Reebok, Sketcher shoes

So what is it that fuckin reeks about me?
I know you mesaageboards cant fucking sleep without me
And fuck u anyone that ever went and doubted me
Obvious you know not a single thing about me

And if you think im fuckin finished
Faggot listen up
Been the reject all of my life
Fuck this ive had enough
Im here to change the culture for the best
On some real shit
And include everyone
Rap left for dead and neglected

Now i dont wanna hear a peep about me
Just keep your mouth shit while these
Magazines surround me
Fucking Kxng
Its time the streets and suburbs crown me
And nah
It aint coincidence how on the net you found me

Now why the fuck would you be sleeping on me?
Tell me why the fuck would you be sleeping on me
Track Name: Matrix
Most awkward kid on the block
Got mom and dad to thank
Im in a pool of piranhas
And im bleedin from the ankle
Mommy done left K2 all alone in the tank
Haters aiming at my head
Cock back point blank
Fire blatt
Look at that
Brains splattered on the pavement
Satanic arrangement
Know the devil made a payment
Deposited millions in the banks of my enemies...
And now im leaking out a head full of memories
Burner in your hand
Im left soaking on the street
Last second asking God why this happenin to me
I was innocent
Blameless not a trace of treachory
Not an ounce of deceit
In my lips in my speech
Tried to fit in with the world
But they turned they back on me
I was starving eating crumbs
While you lived in luxury
As i pour out my soul
On these tracks on this beat
The truth creeps through my vocals
I was born to only bleed

But the world will never take me out

I am hated
Whole world a matrix
Whole world a matrix
I know you hate it
That ive done made it
Out of the matrix
Yeah out this matrix

Stupid fucking assholes back in college
Wanna fight me
I bought a gun 500 bucks and scared them off
Yeah bite me
Ill pull the trig and split your wig
Then fuck your lifeless body
Im not for the games, I dont play
I do not take shit lightly
Gotta defend myself
Care for my health
Win that title belt
Everybody for himself
Ima fuckin lose it going postal fuck my mental health
Ill spray anyone in my way
So fuckin check yourself
Track Name: Thoughts (From Jersey to L.A.)
With God above the whole worlds in denial
Its like the Gospel message is dead on arrival
In the heads and attitudes of my rivals
They worship drugs and money like an idol
I get a call My homie suicidal
And I am all like man just open up your bible
Now turn to chapter 3 verse 16 in Johnny
He will take all your guilt and all your fear away
I met this dude the devil is a liar
He talk so much shit he need a pacifier
All the worlds corrupt the situation dire
The whole earth need to purify with fire
Im chasing dreams but every one turns out empty
And fuck lusting after bitches that just dont want me
Take a hard look at everything that transpired
In my life & God about to take me higher

Worldly faggots talkin shit they speech be idle
Gossiping making my ass homocidal
...Im gettin money and my shit on Tidal
And on Youtube all my shit be going viral
I hear your words but yall aint got jack shit to say
All yall talk about is taking dick and being gay
I spit the kinda shit that takes a faggot pain away
And my shit be knocking from New Jersey to LA
Man fuck an a&r em dudes is liars
Ill set a record company exec on fire
Production deals they wanna screw you over
Never sign a fuckin deal when u aint sober
I learned my lesson once I wont fuck up again
I aint getting played no more by fuckin businessmen
The industry is fake and all make pretend
Im independent and im never going back again
Ever again no!

Walk wit me

My shit be poppin im not just a runner up
Im number 1 on the block and im coming up
All yall haters and biters need to shut the fuck up
For my homie from qb hit your ass up
Shouts out to my whole crew from bridge street
Toss em staff out the window like a frisbee
Im gettin paid its kinda shockin to believe
Im just happy that my ass is out bridge and im free
Real shit
Track Name: Astrophysicz
Man, all these wack rapping gimmicks on the radio is bullshit
Nas screamed it from the pulpit
But if hip hop dyin' no one notice
This generation aint know shit about the truth
Bout the rappers from my youth
Back in 1992
Now everything back then wack is cool now
And people saying that they don't know what to do
They waiting and they praying on a miracle or two
But they wish may not come true
Except for Cocky, rap is doo

I'm right on top of others
Fuck the hatin n naysayin
I see you criticise but hear no word im saying
I see you steady diss me like im motherfucking satan
I'm tryna have a very simple conversation

I'm Cocky motherfucker that's
What I'm supposed to be
Who you know as hot as he
He ain't even rep church street
But he's just as fucking ghetto
And he bumps that heavy metal
And he's whiter than the devil
Yet you can't get on his level

I'm killing rappers baby
In the first degree
Who you know as dope as me
No one else can hope to be running out of options
No one confident as me running out of cred
While I'm gaining status, g

This is the second verse
And it's works
I'm the worst
Putting dummies in a hearse
With these words
That I curse
...I'm winning and it hurts
It just irks
All these jerks
I was dead and in the dirt
I rebirthed...

Where the haters now
What they worth?
Probably nothing b
Cocky the mc
He reality - you fantasy
Whatchu want from me
Oh you want me to give up? I see
Won't take your fuckery
You're hung up on me
But luckily

This shit foreign
U boring
Im spitting astrophysicz
Insane and so ballistic
So exquisite how i rip shit
Terrific, heirogylphic, im gifted
Track Name: Dresses Tight Jeans
Everybody sayin hip hop fucking dying b
But i dont see that shit that way
Im seeing all these youngins on the block
Coming up and getting dollars
Fuck what a old head gotta say
Fuck what they say
Dresses tight jeans
Im all these things

Spend most my day
On vics and weed
Fux wit k3
Mollies and Es
I like the drugs
Whom I kidding

I gotta stay high
And fly until the day i drop
If that means selling rock
I dont care ima make you cop
I give a fuck
If police say its a crime or not
I gotta nice watch
And i dont care what time it got

500 dollar glock
Ill point it at your fuckin top
Youll hear a buck shot
A second for your heart will stop
Fuck ur family
Your momma she can give me top
Its 2 oh seventeen
Ill force your pops to lick my cock

Lick a shot all around the world for big and pac
They noddin they heads in they graves now
Cuz my shit so hot
And if indeed theyre spinning
Ima keep this smile grinning
Cuz rite now Cocky winning
Cue the chorus i be singing

I like bling bling my ice it bling
Im sipping lean n
Whiskey jim beam
I like to sing fuck what you think
I like a twink that seldom think

Dumb and blonde
Who dont talk and dont complain a lot
I like em bigger
I aint lookin for no tater tot
Must be down any time i like to fuck a lot
Wear em jeans wear em tight
Til ur bubblebutt pop
Track Name: Lamborghini Dreamin'
Made a million dollars in a dream
Scamming motherfuckers
Motherfuckin Ponzi scheme
Selling twenty bags the size of fucking dimes
Charging 25 a bag who gives a fuck if my ass lying
Be it rain be it snow be it sunny day
I got the kinda shit that take a weed fiend pain away
Blowing hundred dollar bills overnight
Whats a dollar worth when you con
Ur own friends every night?
But i dont give a fuck im bout the bread alone
Karma wont catch up, im scamming folks in a group home
Avoiding jail time getting off parole
Even the though i got 5 packs hidden in cereal
Boxes motherfucker
My ass from the projects b
No corny white boy can ever dream of merking me
Even if his pale ass wish i was fuckin dead
And wont be satisfied til fuckin bullets reach my head

I stay fly like every summer
Get you high like every winter
I scam a motherfucker
Cuz i do what i wanna

Made three thousand off a jew he a junkie
I say i fucks with him but hate his ass lowkey
Charge him hundreds for what i cop for 40
He wont say shit, his ass straight shook of me!
I copped an eighth and
ill charge him for a hundred bucks
In a month ill charge him double
He'll pay, stupid fuck
Ill keep harassing him in texts
Yo what up
When you got that money for me
By the way, you owe $400 bucks
And i dont give a shit
Im bout the bread alone
Conned the system went from prison to a big group home
I encourage all the residents to spend
Lavish me with SSI money ill call you my best friend
Box me motherfucker
My ass from the projects b
No corny white boy can ever dream of merking me
Even if your pale ass wish i was fuckin dead
And wont be satisfied til fuckin bullets rip my head

Ur lookin at a con artist
I scam the block the hardest
Who cares what competition charges
Track Name: Mental TRILLness
I got boatloads
Makin more money than you do sellin endo
No nintendo
I don play wit hoes
But they fiendin for my wallet
Wit the bankrolls
Ur on welfare
I cant help you
Go back to program
I can motherfuckin smell you
Stinkin like doo
Ya Ima stuck up Jew
And im done wit all yall in the system
Fuck you im done wit these hoes

Ur a lazy ass
And all u fuckin do is sit around and smoke the grass
Im a big boy now
Im all grown up
Ur 48 n u still go to program, thats fucked up
Uz a fuckin bum
Leachin off the system
Man ur momma and ur poppa shuda wore condom
Uz so fuckin dumb
50 and a bum
Cant afford cigarettes
You walk around in town and bum
Uz a fuckin crumb
In the worlds pie
U aint pay no taxes u just
Get a free ride
Threaten suicide
Im like just fuckin die
I cant stand the melodrama
When u fuckin cry
Tearing at the eye
To get a response
Uz a comic sans
Uz a silly font
Mentally illy cunt
I got no compassion
I made it out but ur too lazy stupid and dumb im done
Track Name: Fxcked Up
Listen up son
Lemme tell you whassup
Im a little fuckin crazy
Yeah a little fucked up
Dunno how to have fun
Without doin it wrong
I like men yeah i like men
Im not supposed to i know
Be my papi chulo
On my penis youll blow
Ya suck me like no other
It taste real good i know
I am outta control
And i cant be controlled
I dont fit in i dont fit with
Anybody i know

We can smoka lotta reefer
It be really nice to meet ya
Without a car it kinda difficult
To get out there and meet ya
Im a student be my teacher
Im a disciple be my preacher
Im a little drunk off alcohol
Im rollin off the E
Writing lyrics to a song
Suck a nut and lickin shlong
Where the chorus what the verses
Cmon all yall sing a long
We can have a telethon
I can run a marathon
Raising money and ill blow it all
Im all American

Im in the club and im mom fuckin fucked up
Lick a nut rim a butt throw it up
Im in the club and im mom fuckin fuckud up
Lick a dick suck a dick swallow nut
Writing a song while im mom fuckin fucked up
Track Name: Twink
Man i wanna hit this twink who goes to high school
I wanna fuck him while his ass suck my testicle
I wanna fuckin hit it
Really wanna fuckin hit it

He 18
He my teenage dream
I mean he make me cream
Orgasmic he make me scream
I wanna take my ween
And put that shit like right between
Both his anal cheek
When i see him
It makes me weak
I fall down to my knees
I cry out lord help me
He a virgin wanna pop him til he fuckin bleed
His ass feel like pussy
But it dont smell fishy
Im goin scubadiving
Right into polluted seas

He suck me
He lick my balls up clean
salad tossin
Rimming my ass like some spokes ya see
His ass in twelth grade
Swallow my lemonade
His ass aint ashamed
He love dick he fuckin gay
His friends all think he straight
His girl he aint even lay
She mrs popular
Cheerleader eleventh grade
They went on a prom date
I performed on that day
All it took was one look and i took his ass away

I wanna get that kid high
I wanna feel him inside
Fina take over yo mind
And fuck him from the behind
Track Name: Never
The sayings never say never yo
But will they ever really feel me though?

Not what they want
Ill never be a street king
Ill never ever be what
Record labels seeking
Im a weirdo fuck it lets just be upfront
Been called pussy faggot cunt
Since before my ass was one
I wasnt loved
I wasnt even raised
My family was a broken home
Of terror and dismay
My mom committed suicide
My life spiraled apart
Been in mental health recovery
Six years eleven months
Im worse than what you thought
What your parents ever taught
Cuz no medication can sedate the anger in my heart
Ive lived in places adult homes
Devoid of the hand of God
Where the crazy people talk
To themselves and never stop
My hopelessness off the charts
Always wind up where i start
I wind up back at square one
Theres no point pursuing art
I love music but Im tired of being viewed as a fraud
Im the realest hear my heart
My whole worlds been torn apart

Keys to the city
A grammy award
Im just one step away
You better bet your ass for sure
You better never doubt my effort
Talent and hard work
I give a flying fuck
Im the greatest from New York
Im bringing psycho rap
To the top of the charts
Fuck if this isnt art
Ima tear this stage apart
A circus leader digging deeper into territory
Currently not explored
Soon to be the rage of course